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Van der Velden® RMS

Rotor bow manoeuvring system (RMS)

The rotor bow manoeuvring system (RMS) has been specifically developed to increase safety during navigation. It offers ships increased steering power in the bow and significantly improves manoeuvrability by providing thrust to overcome lateral wind forces. The operation of the RMS is based on the Magnus effect, whereby a lift force is generated by a submerged rotating composite tube that greatly improves the course stability of an unloaded ship. The RMS functions at a sailing speed from 6 km/h. By using this manoeuvring system a ship’s crew can reduce steering movements, resulting in reduced resistance and fuel savings.



  • Fast changeover between port and starboard power
  • Compact compared to conventional rotor bow manoeuvring systems and bow thruster systems
  • Increased steering power in the bow
  • Results in fuel savings when used correctly
  • Operates as soon as the bow thruster stops working


  • Ideal for inland, shallow water vessels that sail on challenging routes such as winding rivers and waterways prone to strong crosswinds.


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