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DMC flap rudders

11 October 2021

Does your vessel require an excellent manoeuvring performance? Then a flap rudder might be the solution for you.

A flap rudder consists of a blade with a trailing edge flap activated by a mechanical or hydraulical system. This rudder type produces a variable flap angle as a function of the rudder angle. Compared to a conventional rudder of the same shape, size, and area, a flap rudder gives a much higher lift per rudder angle and a significant higher maximum lift. The high balanced area of a flap rudder improves manoeuvring at low speeds by blocking the forward thrust of the propeller. Flap rudders are most suited for vessels that require excellent manoeuvrability, may it be a dredger or a container vessel.

At DMC, we offer two flap solutions: TIMON and BARKE®. The TIMON model has an open flap linkage, which allows for a 90⁰ rudder angle and the BARKE® model has a fully enclosed linkage system with an impressive 100⁰ rudder angle due to its distinguishing feature of the flap’s angle progressively increasing relative to that of the main rudder.