SMM - Hamburg - Germany

Upcoming Exhibitions 2018

01 August 2018

Damen Marine Components is present at many inter-national maritime exhibitions, which are located worldwide. Every exhibition is organized in its own way: sometimes we share a booth with our (local) relations and other times we have our own booth. We have lots of exciting events coming up, follow us on social media and stay updated on our journeys.

Below you can find an overview of our upcoming exhibitions of 2018, take a look and we hope to welcome you there!

SMM – Hamburg, Germany
September 4th – September 7th 2018

Shipping Technics Logistics – Kalkar, Germany
September 25th – September 26th 2018

Navegistic – Asunción, Paraguay
October 3rd – October 5th 2018

Holland Fisheries Event – Urk, the Netherlands
October 5th – October 6th 2018

WorkBoatShow – New Orleans, USA
November 11th – November 30th 2018