Timon Rudder

Van der Velden® TIMON rudder

• Oceangoing
• Low cavitation Flap rudder
• High manoeuverability

Proven technology: the high lift TIMON flap rudder
This renowned rudder has built up a global reputation for its excellent manoeuvring and course-keeping performance. Proven Van der Velden technology and a slim profile are combined with an open flap linkage mechanism to great effect.
The TIMON flap rudder is a superior product for those who wish to go further than a conventional (full spade or non-flap) rudder. With the BARKE® slide-bar system and high lift performance, your satisfaction is assured.
The Van der Velden Timon rudder is also available in ART design



Why choose Van der Velden® TIMON rudder:

  • Excellent manoeuvring and course-keeping
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sea-resistant and self-lubricating bearings
  • Low cavitation erosion
  • 45º rudder angle
  • 90º flap angle
  • Slim profile


Best suited to fast and medium-speed vessels requiring a high manoeuvring performance:

  • Ro-Pax ferries
  • Mega feeders
  • Multi-purpose vessels
  • Offshore supply vessels
  • Ships that call in port several times in a relatively short time
  • Oceangoing


van der velden commander piston type steering gear 12

COMMANDER™ Steering Systems (Piston-Type And Rotary Vane)

COMMANDER™ steering systems are the result of fine engineering and years of design optimisation.

Robust, compact and exceptionally reliable. They are designed to reduce heat and noise levels to a minimum.

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Retrofit bulb

Rudder bulb

The rudder bulb from DMC is an energy saving device that reduces fuel consumption and emissions in vessel operation.

The installation of a rudder bulb results in reduced rotational losses of the propeller and a higher thrust at high loads.

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Barke Optimised Steering System (BOSS™)


The BOSS is able to calculate the rudder forces for specific angles, which are not measured or displayed by any of the ship’s navigation systems.

The BARKE® rudder is the solution if you are looking to invest in today and tomorrow.

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