vdv hd rudder (top)

Van der Velden® HD Rudder

Van der Velden HD rudder

The HD rudders provide an excellent manoeuvring performance, which is proven in practice and in the most stringent towing-tank trials. These high-efficiency rudders can be used with or without a nozzle. They have an asymmetrical profile and are always applied in a pair. The HD rudders have been especially developed for inland vessels in combination with a 2, 4 or 6 rudder propulsion set-up.

The HD rudders have asymmetric rudder angles up to 80 degrees, providing optimal slipstream guidance. With these rudder you are assured of an excellent manoeuvring performance, also with low velocity (speed). They have a maintenance-friendly design and a long lifespan.

DMC advises:
The Van der Velden® Hydro spoiler for maximum performance. This spoiler improves the propulsion efficiency, increases speed and reduces vibrations and sounds.



  • Excellent manoeuvring performance
  • Long lifespan
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Low maintenance


  • Inland vessels that require high manoeuvrability during different sailing conditions (high and low water) and situations (canals, low velocity).


With its ultra-sturdy and maintenance friendly design, this steering gear is suitable for every type of vessel. (new)

2DWK Steering System

The 2DWK is a reliable asymmetric steering system, specifically engineered for the Van der Velden® HD and Van der Velden® XR rudder systems.

The 2DWK steering system is suitable for every type of vessel, but it is mainly designed for inland vessels.

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Maintenance friendly 4DWKK steering gear is mainly designed for inland vessels.

4DWKK steering system

The 4DWKK is a reliable asymmetric steering system, specifically engineered for the Van der Velden® HD and Van der Velden® XR rudder systems. The 4DWKK is specifically engineered for twin screw inland vessels with four rudders.

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The BOSS™ eco system consists of a touchscreen display with integrated software, which continuously calculates and shows the steering behaviour in relation to the steering movements and rudder angles, aligned to the actual sailing situation.

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The system was developed with the latest technologies and is in accordance with current and expected regulations.

SP2700 control system

SP2700 is a real-time redundant digital steering installation with a control and alarm system.

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The HP 7000 can be used in combination with the latest autopilots.

HP7000 control system

HP7000 is a proportional hydraulic installation This steering installation is completely independent of the electrical system.

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van der velden hydro spoiler (preview package)

Hydro Spoiler

The purpose of the Hydro Spoiler is to optimise water flow towards the rudder. A spoiler is placed behind the propeller, exactly on the centreline.

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