Optima nozzles

• Optima
• Optispec
• Improved forward and reverse thrust performance


The Optima nozzle brings the best of both worlds together. An improved forward thrust performance comparable with the conventional 19A nozzle, combined with the good reverse thrust performance of the 37 nozzle. It has a slightly longer and higher inlet profile and the propeller is located just behind the middle of the nozzle. The outlet profile is practically identical to the profile of the type 37 nozzles. After an intensive period of designing, developing and testing we launched the Optima nozzle in 1998.



In order to improve the propulsive efficiency of the 19A and 37 nozzles, Damen Marine Components carried out several research projects. This resulted in designing a nozzle with a modified profile where the propeller rotates further backwards in the nozzle. Our Optima(l) nozzle has the following advantages:

  • Optimal forward thrust
  • Optimal reverse thrust
  • Designed to reduce sound levels
  • Designed to reduce vibrations

Available models

This Optima nozzle is ideal for several types of vessels thanks to the good forward and reverse thrust performance and the extremely strong and stiff profile. It’s suitable for icebreakers, inland ships, pushbusters, tugs, workboats, dredgers and various other vessels that combine relatively high power outputs with heavy sailing conditions. The nozzle can be delivered in different executions (L/D = Length Diameter ratio):

  • L/D 0.4 for coasters to create low engine output and higher speed
  • L/D 0.5 with normal execution for hoppers, tugboats and inland waterway vessels
  • L/D 0.6 for i.a. pushboats to create high engine output and low speed
  • Optispec (steerable nozzle)


Van der Velden COMMANDER™ ram-type steering gear is the ideal steering gear system when installation space is at a premium

Commander steering gear (ram type and rotary vane)

COMMANDER steering gear systems are the product of advanced engineering at its best.

Robust, compact and exceptionally reliable, they have been designed to keep heat and noise to a minimum.

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Retrofit bulb


The rudder bulb from DAMEN MARINE COMPONETS is an energy saving device which helps you to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in vessel operation.

The installation of a rudder bulb results in reduced rotational losses of the propeller and a higher thrust at high loads.

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Barke Optimised Steering System (BOSS™)


The BOSS is able to calculate the rudder forces for specific angles, which are not measured or displayed by any of the ship’s navigation systems.

The BARKE® rudder is the solution if you are looking to invest in today and tomorrow.

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