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Optima nozzle

Optima nozzle

The Optima nozzle brings the best of both worlds together. An improved forward thrust performance comparable with the conventional 19A nozzle, combined with the good reverse thrust performance of the 37 nozzle. It has a slightly longer and higher inlet profile and the propeller is located just behind the middle of the nozzle. The outlet profile is practically identical to the profile of the type 37 nozzles. After an intensive period of designing, developing and testing we launched the Optima nozzle in 1998.

In order to improve the propulsive efficiency of the 19A and 37 nozzles, Damen Marine Components carried out several research projects. This resulted in designing a nozzle with a modified profile where the propeller rotates further backwards in the nozzle.

This Optima nozzle is ideal for several types of vessels thanks to the good forward and reverse thrust performance and the extremely strong profile. It’s suitable for icebreakers, inland ships, pushbusters, tugs, workboats, dredgers and various other vessels that combine relatively high power outputs with heavy sailing conditions.



  • Optimal forward thrust
  • Optimal reverse thrust
  • Designed to reduce sound levels
  • Designed to reduce vibrations

Available models

  • The nozzle can be delivered in different executions (L/D = Length Diameter ratio):
  • L/D 0.4 version requires less engine output with ice class and generates less resistance at high speeds. It delivers higher speeds to coasters, fishing ships and other ship types sailing at speeds of up to 14 knots.
  • L/D 0.5 for hoppers, tugboats and inland waterway vessels.
  • L/D 0.6 for i.a. pushboats to create high engine output and low speed.
  • Optispec: steerable nozzle.

Optima nozzles in stock

1 412 mm diameter

Box width: 1 200 mm;
Box height: 1 040 mm;
Flattened below CL nozzle: 810 mm;
Drawing No.:P1032/1412;
Class: L.R.;
DMC PON: NOZ14213671;
No: 2;

1 662 mm diameter

Box width:1 500 mm;
Box height: 1 231 mm;
Flattened below CL nozzle: Round;
Drawing No.: P1084/1662;
Class: L.R.;
DMC PON: NOZ14190363 (Type plate NOZ14181836);
No: 1;

1 762 mm diameter

Box width: 1 500 mm;
Box height: 1 860 mm;
Flattened below CL nozzle: Round mm;
Drawing No.: P0841/1762;
Class: None;
DMC PON: 36099;
No: 1;

1 862 mm diameter

Box width: 1 740 mm;
Box height: 1 765 mm;
Flattened below CL nozzle: Round;
Drawing No.: P0814/1862;
Class: None;
DMC PON: 21021;
No: 1;

Single Weld Spinning Method

Damen Marine Components has developed the Single Weld Spinning Method based on a single weld seam on the inner side of the nozzle. This machine can produce nozzles with an inside diameter ranging from 1,000 mm to 5.3 m outside. Using a completely automated system, the spinning machine can handle stainless steel, duplex, steel and special steel materials.

A nozzle is a sustainable product by definition because it significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO² emissions. The Spinning Weld Method makes the production of the nozzle even more environmentally friendly, since there is less welding and grinding, this saves energy and emissions. In addition, this method saves production time and enhances DMC’s stable price/quality ratio, which makes it more cost efficient.


  • Cost efficient
  • Smoother nozzle surface
  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO² emissions
  • Efficient production process


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