BARKE rudder

BARKE® high-lift flap rudder

The BARKE® flap rudder is the solution for any vessel with high manoeuvring requirements combined with proven fuel savings.

With its progressively rotating flap, the BARKE® rudder generates high lift forces at large rudder angles and low drag (resistance) at small rudder angles.

The enclosed linkage system of the BARKE® rudder provides overload protection and eliminates the entry risk of sand, ice and floating objects. These are ideal characteristics for fishing and research vessels, and dredgers.



  • Excellent manoeuvring and course-keeping
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • 45º rudder angle + 55º flap angle = total 100º
  • Long lifespan


  • Best suited to seagoing vessels in the medium-speed range.


van der velden commander rotary vane

COMMANDER™ steering systems (Piston-type and Rotary vane type)

COMMANDER™ steering gear systems are the product of advanced engineering at its best.

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Retrofit bulb

DMC (Retrofit) Rudder Bulb

The DMC rudder bulb is an energy saving device that improves the propeller wake field.

In operation, the bulb will reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

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Barke Optimised Steering System (BOSS™)


The BOSS is able to calculate the rudder forces for specific angles, which are not measured or displayed by any of the ship’s navigation systems.

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