MASTER rudder

Van der Velden® MASTER rudder

MASTER rudder

The MASTER rudder has a specifically designed fishtail profile. The absence of movable parts makes it a great option for vessels operating in shallow waters. With rudder angles up to 65º, this rudder allows for a high lift. The design of this fishtail rudder can be optimised to suit a wide range of vessels.

The MASTER rudder offers very good manoeuvring performance. This rudder is often combined with the Van der Velden® RUDDER BULB.



  • High lift
  • Reliable robust design
  • No movable parts
  • Product Lines


  • Best suited to vessels (seagoing as well as inland) of all sizes that travel relatively short distances and require high manoeuvrability.


van der velden commander rotary vane

COMMANDER™ steering systems (Piston-type and Rotary vane type)

COMMANDER™ steering systems are the result of fine engineering and years of design optimisation.

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Retrofit bulb

Silent Bulb

The Silent Bulb is an energy saving device designed to improve the propeller wake field. It is mounted on the rudder and positioned on the centreline of the propeller.

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Barke Optimised Steering System (BOSS™)


The BOSS is able to calculate the rudder forces for specific angles, which are not measured or displayed by any of the ship’s navigation systems.

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