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Van der Velden® Asymmetric Rudder Technology (ART™)

Asymmetric Rudder Technology

ART™ is a unique leading edge that is adapted to the angles of the propeller to create smooth water inflow. This technology is developed to reduce resistance and cavitation. The profile of ART™ is specifically modified to counter the rotation effects of the propeller slipstream. It is an optional feature that can be applied to all Van der Velden® rudders.

ART™ is available in two versions: the S- or Z-shape. The S-shape has a more detailed design, it therefore reduces the risk of cavitation even more than the Z-shape. Nevertheless, the cavitation risk is significantly reduced with both versions, in comparison to a conventional leading edge. Increased operational profile and extended product lifetime are the results when ART™ is applied to a rudder.



  • Smoothened water inflow
  • Available in Z- or S-shape
  • Increased operational profile
  • Reduced cavitation and resistance


Sea-going vessels with high propeller load (above 20 knots)


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