Anchor and mooring winch on ASD Mater

Escort towing winches

Escort towing winches

The direct-drive towing winch can be equipped with a second motor, creating a high-quality escort winch which fully meets the class requirements for escorting in the harshest of conditions. These winches are equipped with an active haul-and-pay-out system which brakes on the motor, rather than using conventional brakes which are much more subject to wear and tear. The variable line force setting can be set to up to 110% of the maximum wire force (steady towline force) to be generated during escort.

DMC's hydraulic escort towing winches are the only winches on the market which truly prevent cable breakage due to the exceptionally low mass moment of inertia of the drive. Our winches can hold the load on the drive, and rotates from zero to full speed in a very short time to prevent peak loads in the wire. This means that a much faster, immediate reaction is possible – and no more unpredictable slip moments. This makes control significantly safer and easier.

DMC's range of direct-drive winches consists of three standard types to ensure that specific requirements can be met. It is also possible to assemble a custom solution based on specific requirements.

  • Non exposed Escort towing winch
  • Non exposed Escort towing winch
  • Non exposed Escort towing winch



  • Type of cable: Synthetic towing wires (polypropylene, Dyneema®)
  • Pulling force: Standard up to 30 tonnes, higher on request
  • Braking force: Standard up to 200 tonnes, higher on request
  • Dynamic braking force: Standard 110 tonnes, higher on request
  • Drum configuration: Single, split or double
  • Motor: Hydraulic


  • Mooring head on main shaft (only possible in combination with 1 motor)
  • Line force measurement during towing
  • Line length measurement
  • Control system


    The motors of our escort towing winches are directly attached to the main shaft. This results in an extremely low mass moment of inertia, so less force is required to generate speed during rapid acceleration. This low mass moment of inertia prevents cable breakage or capsizing.
    The motors of our escort winches also act as dynamic brakes. This eliminates the need for additional (cooled) brake discs, which are subject to wear and require a lot of maintenance. In addition, we minimise the number of rotating points, levers and lubrication points.
    All our winches are by default certified by Bureau Veritas. In addition to the verification of the specifications in advance, they are tested in our factories up to and in excess of the maximum pulling and brake-holding force, in the presence of a class surveyor. This provides our customers certainty in the winch performance and avoids loss of time during installation, commissioning and sea trials.
    All escort towing winches from DMC are designed to be deck-mounted with only four foundation points. This standardised print ensures easy alignment and attachment of a DMC winch to the deck. It also results in as few obstacles as possible on deck, where towing wires can become snagged.
  • Critical parts – for which the market offers no suitable solution – are developed, tested and produced in-house by DMC. These include brake cylinders, clutch cylinders and rotary joints.


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