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van der velden barke rudder heel bearing (top)

Damen Marine Components receives steering system contract for TERSAN’s 108-metre Factory Freezer Trawler

16 July 2020

Damen Marine Components (DMC) has received the order to supply the rudder and steering system for a 108-metre Factory Freezer Trawler to be built for TERSAN Tersanecilik San. Tic. Aṣ. Designed by Skipsteknisk AS, design number STL191L and hull number NB1106, she is currently in build for the Russian fishing fleet operator JSC PT Okeanrybflot.

The order is for a single, customised BARKE® rudder with a surface area of 16 m² and a COMMANDER™ rotary vane steering gear that delivers a torque of up to 430 kNm. In addition to the hydraulic components of the rotary vane, DMC will deliver indicators and controls; Follow-up, Non-follow-up in Main Bridge, Follow-up in Wings and Follow-up in AFT.

The system is classified RMRS KM (*), ICE3, AUT 2, REF, Fishing Vessel and is scheduled for delivery in November this year.

Last year, DMC received the contract for Factory Freezer Trawler NB1096, which was DMC’s first order in Turkey. This year, TERSAN selected DMC once again to supply the rudder and steering system for the identical fishing trawler NB1106.

DMC’s BARKE rudder is ideal for vessels such as large fishing trawlers. It is a highly robust and reliable design that delivers excellent manoeuvring performance while at the same time being noise and vibration-free. With the flap linkage sheltered in a streamlined housing it is protected from ice, sand and floating objects and the mechanical components are contained in a grease-lubricated housing.

Additional features that make the BARKE rudder a dependable steerage solution is its overload protection; the flap linkage is safe from impact in the event of excessive force being applied and rudder movement is restricted should the flap become blocked. The flap linkage and bearings are designed with minimum clearance to ensure the least possible vibration, noise and wear.

Mr. Nazim Yaṣar, Project Manager at TERSAN Tersanecilik San. Tic. Aṣ., said: “We are interested in developing our relationship with DMC and this first step was already done by placing on order for rudder and steering gear system. This would be a good opportunity for both parties to do a business for future projects.”