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Steering system for the trawler 'Cape Arkona'

Damen Marine Components supplies steering system for versatile trawler 'Cape Arkona'

10 September 2019

Damen Marine Components (DMC) has won a contract to supply a steering system for the trawler Cape Arkona. Currently in build at the Baatbygg yard at Måløy in western Norway for Austral Fisheries, the 1,150m³ vessel is capable of alternating between operating as a freezer trawler, long liner and a potter vessel, all within the period of a single trip.

DMC will be supplying the 70-metre vessel with a Van der Velden® TIMON flap rudder with heal bearing and a Van der Velden COMMANDER™ rotary vane steering gear. The slim-profile TIMON flap rudder is a popular and proven system which delivers superior manoeuvring and course-keeping performance compared to conventional rudders. This model will have a surface area of 6.7m², capable of generating torque of up to 73kNm.

The heel bearing is especially designed to take substantial radial forces and to be removable for easy mounting and dismounting of the rudder blade without the need to remove the rudder stock and the steering gear. The heel bearing bush is fabricated using a synthetic material that makes it self-lubricating and eliminates any electrical conductivity.

The steering gear forms part of the overall propulsion system being delivered by Brunvoll. This features a hybrid twin-in single-out gearbox with a father and son diesel engine configuration, and electric motor for diesel-electric mode. The system provides great flexibility and a high level of redundancy with operation possible from three individual engine solutions. The plant is prepared for the future installation of a battery pack if required, for additional flexibility.

“We are very happy with the rudder package being included in Brunvoll’s system supply. This consists of the gear and CP propeller plant with nozzle, tunnel thruster, rudder and steering gear, emergency telegraph system and complete control system, including control and alarms for the steering gear”, says Geir Arne Kaspersen, VP Sales of Brunvoll Volda AS.

The Cape Arkona is the result of a contract between leading Australian operator Austral Fisheries and the Norwegian ship design and engineering company Skipskompetanse for the delivery of a highly innovative new fishing vessel capable of alternating between three different fishing methods without having to return to port. The design is based on the Skipskompetanse SK-4260 series which has a focus on minimising its impact on the environment with features including diesel-electric propulsion. The accommodation is for 40 people across 26 cabins. The vessel will be operating around the Heard & McDonald Islands and will have an ICE-1C notation.

“This is yet another achievement in the fishery vessel segment of the demanding Norwegian market, which was possible due to close cooperation between Brunvoll and our sales representative in Norway, Ulmatec. With more than 150 references for all types of fishing vessels, this order came right on time,” said Bogdan Mocanu, Area Sales Manager of Damen Marine Components.