van der velden hydro spoiler (top)

Van der Velden® Hydro Spoiler

Hydro Spoiler

The purpose of the Hydro Spoiler is to optimise water flow towards the rudder. A spoiler is placed behind the propeller, exactly on the centreline. The curved blades catch the outflowing water of the propeller and bend it from a swirling into a straight-outgoing flow towards the rudder, making the outflow of the propeller water more equable. Smooth water flow towards the rudder results in reduced noise and vibration levels. The Hydro Spoiler improves the propulsion efficiency and speed performance of a vessel, and enhances the ship’s course-keeping capabilities. Continuous research and experience since the introduction of the Van der Velden® Hydro Spoiler in 1998 have proven that these refinements increase vessel efficiency up to 8%.

  • Hydro spoiler type HD-B
  • Hydro spoiler type XR-B
  • Hydro spoiler type XR-T

At DMC, there are three types of spoilers to choose from:

  • HD-B, known as our “standard” spoiler.
  • XR-B, this type is designed with a bulb for resistance reduction.
  • XR-T, this type is designed with a bulb with streaming body to fill up the entire wakefield from the propeller.



  • Improved speed performance
  • Reduced noise and vibrations
  • Improved vessel efficiency up to 8%
  • Enhanced course-keeping capabilities
  • Optimised water flow towards the rudder


Suited for twin screw vessels.

  • HD-B spoiler available for propellers up to 1550 mm
  • XR-B and XR-T spoilers available for propellers from 1600 to 2000 mm

For other sizes and custom requests, please contact our sales department.


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