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BOSS™ Alarm Monitoring System (AMS)

BOSS™ Alarm Monitoring System (AMS)

BOSS™ AMS is developed to continuously monitor and display the alarms of the vessel’s main systems. It shows the real-time status of the connected systems, such as the engine and steering system. The AMS application has multiple connections to external systems due to the use of serial communication.

When an error or failure occurs in e.g. the engine room, it will be immediately shown on the BOSS™ AMS touchscreen panel, which located in the wheelhouse. The direct communication of the AMS application allows fast and efficient action when incidents take place. The touchscreen panel has a universal programme display and is user-friendly.



  • Allows fast and efficient action when an error or failure occurs
  • Provides a continuous and real-time insight into the vessel’s main systems
  • Allows logging and accessing of data in the cloud with BOSS™ DCC and DLF
  • Connection to mobile service stations to execute failure analyses and repair jobs


  • All vessel types, both newbuild and as retrofit


Steering systems

Reliable COMMANDER™ and Van der Velden® steering systems for vessels engaged in all types of maritime activity. Standardised and custom-built options.

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BOSS™ DCC allows access to past and present data of the monitored system(s).

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BOSS™ DLF automatically logs the measured and monitored data of other BOSS™ applications.

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The system was developed with the latest technologies and is in accordance with current and expected regulations.

SP2700 control system

SP2700 is a real-time redundant digital steering installation with a control and alarm system.

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The HP 7000 can be used in combination with the latest autopilots.

HP7000 control system

HP7000 is a proportional hydraulic installation. This steering installation is completely independent of the electrical system.

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