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Damen Marine Components Gdánsk (DMCG) participated in student event "VII Technology Days Conradinum 2020"

10 March 2020

On the 5th of March, “VII Technology Days Conradinum 2020” took place at the Conradinum Shipbuilding and Technology High School in Gdańsk, Poland. Various companies were present to inform students about their latest technological developments and solutions, and even job opportunities. With the main goal to help students with their career choices by offering science lectures, presentations and demonstrations.

Representatives of DMCG gave a presentation and demonstrated 3D measuring by using the FARO arm, which is a portable coordinate measuring machine used for industrial measuring tasks. The students were given the opportunity to use the FARO arm to measure and analyse a nozzle and rudder blade model. The students were very interested and motivated to analyse the results of the measurements with each other.

By frequently participating in local educational events, it is our goal to make the maritime shipbuilding sector more attractive to our younger generation. Not only in the area of our main locations in the Netherlands, but also in our foreign branches. Together we can ensure the future craftsmanship of the maritime shipbuilding sector.