7x8800 teu Container Ships for MSC

Ship designer: CIMC-ORIC; Shipbuilder: New Times Shipbuilding

For these vessels Van der Velden Marine Systems will deliver ESPAC™ rudders. One vessel is with operational BOSS™ and the rest of 9 vessels will be BOSS™prepared.

  • CIMC-ORIC ship

Vessel characteristics

Lpp:286.40 m
Maximum moulded breadth:48.20 m
Depth:24.60 m
Draft (scantling):14.50 m
Maximum speed ahead:23.50 Knots
Propulsion type:1x FPP
Propeller diameter:9.60 m
ME Type:MAN B&W 9S90ME C8.2 Tier II
ME Power:47430 kW

Rudder characteristics

Blade area including bulb:71 m²
Torque:4700 kNm
Max. turning angle:2 x 35º


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