213 m Cruise Ship for Silversea Cruise Line

Shipyard and Designer: Fincantieri

Silversea is a cruise company reflecting generations of maritime and travel experience. In the early 1990s, the Lefebvre family of Rome, former owners of Sitmar Cruises, conceived and organized a unique cruise company pledging to build and operate the highestquality ships in the ultra-luxury segment.

The name “Silversea” was chosen because it connotes quality and luxury as well as capturing the romance and special sensations of the sea.

The vessel will be outfitted with two Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudders.

  • Silversea Cruise Line ship

Vessel characteristics

LOA:213.14 m
Lpp:180.82 m
Maximum moulded breadth:27.00 m
Draft (scantling):6.70 m
Maximum speed ahead:21.50 Knots
Propulsion type:Twin Screw
Propeller diameter:4.60 m
ME Power:2x8500 kW@152 rpm

Rudder characteristics

Blade area:18.0 m²
Torque:613 kNm
Max. turning angle:2 x 45º
Aspect ratio:1.28


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