4DWKK Steering Gear

Marine steering systems

Along with the rudder, the steering gear system plays a pivotal role in ensuring the vessel’s ability to manoeuvre. As such, the steering gear is an important feature for ensuring safety on the water. The ship’s steering gear system is connected to the rudder stock, enabling the vessel to perform a turning moment.

The right rudder steering system

As with selecting the right rudder to suit the vessel, it is important to choose the most optimal steering gear for the rudder.

Steering gear systems fall into two main categories:

  • Hydraulic
  • Electro-hydraulic

Damen Marine Components (DMC) can help advise you on the correct steering gear for your vessel(s).

Damen steering gear systems

DMC offers a range of steering gear systems for all vessels types, both inland and seagoing. The common thread between all DMC steering gear systems is quality. Our Van der Velden® steering gear systems draw on years of experience and high quality materials. The result is a product that is reliable and safe, providing optimal slipstream guidance for maximal manoeuvrability. DMC Steering gear is heavy-duty, offering a long-life, low maintenance profile. Each of our systems is built according to the requirements of the vessel it will operate on. This is based on a number of parameters such as the vessel’s sailing profile, power and speed.