The flanking rudders are located forward of the propellers in order to provide manoeuvrability during astern operations, giving the convoy control when backing or flanking.

Van der Velden® FLEX Flanking Rudder

The function of flanking rudders:

When sailing ahead, one steers with the main rudders of a vessel, the flanking rudders are not operational at that point. If one sails backwards, the propeller turns in the opposite direction, this is when one should steer with the flanking rudders. Flanking rudders are essential if one cannot make a turn with the convoy, which results in lots of steering and manoeuvring forwards and backwards. Conventional flanking rudders are always present, resulting in extra resistance when not used.

The function of FLEX Flanking rudders:

When sailing ahead, one does not need flanking rudders, this is when the FLEX Flanking rudders are retracted into the vessel hull, which eliminates unnecessary resistance. This results in significant fuel savings. If one has to sail backwards to manoeuver, the FLEX Flanking rudders can be deployed to generate extra manoeuvring power.



  • Fuel savings with forward operations when retracted
  • High manoeuvrability with backward operations when extended


  • Best suitable for inland pusher tugs with barges


The FLEX tunnel performs ideally in deep water, but is also operational for longer periods in very shallow water.

FLEX Tunnel

Van der Velden Marine Systems has developed an innovative retractable tunnel system, especially developed for inland vessels.

The concept behind the Van der Velden® FLEX Tunnel is its ability to retract.

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With its ultra-sturdy and maintenance friendly design, this steering gear is suitable for every type of vessel.

2DWK Steering System

The 2DWK is a reliable asymmetric steering system, specifically engineered for the Van der Velden® HD and Van der Velden® XR rudder systems.

The 2DWK steering system is suitable for every type of vessel, but it is mainly designed for inland vessels.

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Maintenance friendly 4DWKK steering gear is mainly designed for inland vessels.

4DWKK steering system

The 4DWKK is a reliable asymmetric steering system, specifically engineered for the Van der Velden® HD and Van der Velden® XR rudder systems. The 4DWKK is specifically engineered for twin screw inland vessels with four rudders.

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The system was developed with the latest technologies and is in accordance with current and expected regulations.

SP2700 control system

SP2700 is a real-time redundant digital steering installation with a control and alarm system.

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The HP 7000 can be used in combination with the latest autopilots.

HP7000 control system

HP7000 is a proportional hydraulic installation This steering installation is completely independent of the electrical system.

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