vdv espac rudder (top)

ESPAC (Energy Saving Package) Rudder

Energy Saving Package Rudder

Due to rising fuel costs and the highly competitive ship market, ship owners and charterers attach more and more importance to efficient and fuel saving operation of their ships. With slow steaming and a number of fuel saving devices which have been (re-) introduced into the market within the last years, ship owners and operators are going to reduce their operation and maintenance expenses as much as possible.
Mecklenburger Metallguss (MMG) as a propeller manufacturer and Damen Marine Components (DMC) as a rudder manufacturer have founded a partnership to join their knowledge and develop a highly effective and highly efficient propulsion package.

MMG and DMC combine the advantages of an optimised, highly efficient fixed pitch propeller with a slip-stream adapted asymmetric leading edge rudder with a propulsion bulb and adapted hub caps. The design is based on the operational demand of the vessel and the consequent consideration of the overall system vessel-propeller-rudder. This leads to a harmonised and well-balanced propulsion and steering system.

Conjointly with the vessel owner, the naval architect and/or the yard, our front end engineering design (FEED) will dentify the needs according to the vessel's operational profile and optimise the propeller-rudder arrangement depending on the particular criteria (e.g. good and effective manoeuvrability, minimizing cavitation and vibration, low maintenance and fuel savings).



  • Efficient and fuel saving rudder shape (up to 8% fuel savings)
  • High manoeuvrability and excellent course keeping
  • Reduces cavitation, vibration and noise
  • Costa bulb prevent hub vortex losses and cavitation
  • Reduced energy losses due to propeller slipstream adjusted rudder
  • Prevents large rudder angles on straight-ahead journeys, which results in reduced resistance and fuel savings
  • Costa bulb prevent hub vortex losses and cavitation


  • For all seagoing vessels with fixed pitch propellers. New built and retrofit.


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