Retrofit Bulb

DMC (Retrofit) Rudder Bulb

The RUDDER BULB is an energy saving device designed to improve the propeller wake field. This optional feature will increase thrust at higher loads and will improve the water flow. The RUDDER BULB is fuel-saving due to its specifically designed shape.

The RUDDER BULB reduces unavoidable flow losses of the propeller. It also increases the maximum propeller thrust. With an installed bulb, the propeller efficiency is significantly increased.



  • Significant fuel savings up to 1.5 %
  • Increased thrust at high loads
  • Reduces cavitation risk and noise
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio (amortization < 1 year)
  • Applicable to every full spade rudder type (special consideration for semi-spades)


Best suited to sea-going full-spade and semi-spade vessels with:

  • Speeds from 14 kts upwards
  • Big propeller hub sizes and high thrust loads


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