Retrofit Bulb


The rudder bulb from Damen Marine Components is an energy saving device which helps you to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in vessel operation. The installation of a rudder bulb results in reduced rotational losses of the propeller and a higher thrust at high loads. Since more than seven years it is almost standard for us to deliver rudder for container vessels with bulb. There is a lot of design optimizing experience based on numerous tank tests and the application is not limited to special vessel types or DMC/VDVMS products.



Why choose Retrofit-Bulb:

  • Savings in Fuel Consumption (approx. 1,5 %)
  • Less cavitation risk
  • Less noise
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio (amortization < 1 year)
  • Applicable to every full spade rudder type (special consideration for semi-spades)
  • Not limited to DMC/VDVMS products
  • Individually optimized


Best suited to oceangoing and short sea vessels with speeds from 14 kts upwards or big propeller hub sizes & high thrust loads:

  • Container vessels
  • Container feeders
  • Ro-Pax ferries
  • Cruise Liner
  • Yachts
  • Fishing vessels
  • Offshore vessels


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