Fishery Package

Fishery Package

The combined products of the Fishery Package are fitted in a standardized version for fishing vessels up to 40 meters in length. For ships longer than 40 meters, there are several rudder options available. The standard Plug & Play design includes a propeller nozzle, a full spade rudder with heel support and an integrated headbox for both components. Steering gear and controls are optional.

The rudder has a classical flange connection to the stock, which ensures a mechanical robust design and good maintainability. The flange is completely covered inside the rudder blade, which leads to improved mechanical protection, less disturbed flow, and reduction of noise and resistance.

The rudder blade is designed as a full spade rudder with heel pintle support, which leads to a slim rudder profile. Together with the tailor made profile shape, resistance is lowered and manoeuvrability is increased. The package comes with two options:

  1. The rudder is equipped with thrust fins (post-swirl) and a rudder bulb, which reduces the rotational losses of the propeller.
  2. The propeller nozzle is equipped with pre-swirl stator fins, which equalises the wake of the hull and improves the inflow towards the propeller.



Best suited for fishing vessels, new built or retrofits.


  • The design is optimised towards the operation profile of fishery vessels
  • Considerable fuel efficiency
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Reduced noise and vibrations
  • Improved mechanical robustness and maintainability


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