Van der Velden BOSS™eco.

Van der Velden® BOSS™eco

• Fuel saving
• Lower emissions
• Monitoring system
• Inland vessels

The Van der Velden BOSS™eco is an in-house developed intelligent fuel-saving consumption indicator, which is part of the innovative monitoring product line. The system provides insight into excessive rudder movements using already existing ship sensors.

It is important to know how much stress is placed on the rudder. The greater the resistance, the more fuel is consumed. The BOSS sensors measure these forces To optimise manoeuvrability when steering manually or automatically, BOSS is able to calculate the rudder forces by measuring the bending of the rudder stock. The measured values are displayed on a touch panel on the bridge.

The touchscreen display with special software continually calculates and shows the most efficient rudder movement tailored to the navigation situation. Preliminary results show a fuel saving of approximately 12%. Every rudder movement creates extra ship resistance, yet manoeuvring is required on the inland waterways. By preventing excessive steering corrections of the river pilot, fuel can be saved. The by VDVMS developed unique patented algorithms, in which among other things the effect of rudder movements on the rate of turn indicator is measured two times per second, calculate and advise the most efficient rudder movement tailored to the navigation situation.

By measuring the actual fuel consumption an insight can be obtained of the fuel savings, both in terms of fuel consumption and the reduction of the CO2 percentage in exhaust gasses. With the built-in CO2 calculator and the trip registration system the information is directly available.

The BOSS™eco system is shown on a 10,1 inch touchscreen display and is suitable for all inland waterway vessels, both existing and new built. If not already present, VDVMS additionally supplies an accurate fuel sensor.



Why Van der Velden® choose the BOSS™eco:

  • Fuel savings up to 12%
  • Lower emission combustion gasses (CO2,)
  • Reduced wear to rudders and steering equipment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved operational performance


The Van der Velden® BOSS™ eco system can be installed on any inland vessel with hydraulic steering gear and rudders from all and every manufacturer. Now available in 5 languages.


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