HP7000 is a proportional hydraulic installation. The control valve in the engine room can be operated directly via a hydraulic displacement system. As the rudder position indicator has its own backup system, this unique steering installation is completely independent of the electrical system. HP7000 can be used in combination with the latest autopilots.

The HP7000 system consists of:

  • Alarm, control and indication unit
  • Full hydraulic steering system
  • TMU2700 feedback unit
  • SP1000 control and starter unit

HP7000 is extra safe and performs highly above its class, this is because the system can operate without electronics and was approved and tested for marine standards in enclosed spaces with ambient temperatures from -5° up to +70°.



  • Quick and easy service
  • Easy, accurate and reliable start up
  • Ready for Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Suitable for vessels sailing on inland waterways
  • Fail-safe because of the hydraulically powered control unit for steering, instead of electrical
  • Exceptionally safe thanks to direct controls, direct link to emergency steering and two-ply connection


HP7000 can be connected to additional units (i.e., alarms) and it will be possible to link to extensions for multiple operation locations and communication with external systems. This offers possibilities for indicating status information and data logging maintenance information, as well as internet applications to enable service and control from a remote location trough cloud connection.


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