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BOSS™ SP2700 Data Logger (SPL)

BOSS™ SP2700 Data Logger (SPL)

BOSS™ SPL is a package product for the SP2700 control system. It is an extra option for the standard SP2700 configuration. With the SPL application, the SP2700 control system is integrated into the BOSS™ platform. When the system is integrated, all the alarms and every signal from the SP2700 will be logged. The logged data can be accessed through the cloud in combination with BOSS™ Dmc Cloud Connect (DCC).

BOSS™ SPL combined with the DCC application give the possibility for e.g. the vessel operator or DMC service engineer to log in from a remote location to view the real-time situation of the SP2700 control system, thus the steering behaviour of the vessel. These insights allow for fast and efficient service to take place if necessary, which ultimately minimises the downtime of the vessel.



  • All alarms can be logged and saved in combination with BOSS™ DCC
  • It gives insight into the present and past behaviour of the control system
  • Data can be accessed from a remote location with a smartphone or tablet
  • Continuously displays the real-time situation of the SP2700 control system


  • All vessel types equipped with a SP2700 control system


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The system was developed with the latest technologies and is in accordance with current and expected regulations.

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