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BOSS™ Data Log Function (DLF)

BOSS™ Data Log Function (DLF)

BOSS™ DLF automatically logs the measured and monitored data of other BOSS™ applications (AMS, ECO, OQM, etc.). It logs data at least two times per second, herewith providing a real-time overview of the performance of the monitored system(s). Data logging is useful for trend analysing, service purposes and optimisation of the vessel and its behaviour.

The logged data by BOSS™ DLF will be transferred into a database and can be converted into e.g. an Excel sheet. The database is user-friendly and displays the logged data in columns with multiple parameters, which differ per BOSS™ application. The data can be saved, printed or sent via e-mail. To have access to the logged data at all times, it is advised to add BOSS™ DLF together with BOSS™ Dmc Cloud Connect (DCC) to your application package.



  • Logs data at least two times per second
  • Gives a real-time overview of the performance of the monitored system(s)


  • All vessel types with one or several BOSS™ applications (AMS, ECO, OQM etc.). It is advised to combine BOSS™ DLF with BOSS™ DCC



BOSS™ AMS is developed to continuously monitor and display the alarms of the vessel’s main systems.

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BOSS™ BCM is developed for the continuous measurement of the neck and carrier bearing clearance.

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BOSS™ DCC allows access to past and present data of the monitored system(s).

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BOSS Economiser (ECO)

BOSS™ ECO continuously calculates and shows the steering behaviour in relation to the steering movements and rudder angles, aligned to the actual sailing situation.

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BOSS™ OQM is developed to continuously measure the oil condition of a hydraulic system.

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BOSS™ SFM gives insight into the steering behaviour and resistance created by the rudder.

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