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One of the monitoring product lines of DMC Dynamics is BOSS™. The base of BOSS™ is a touchscreen display with integrated software. Each product from this monitoring line is an application that can be uploaded to the BOSS™ platform. Which applications are most compatible depends on the vessel type, its systems and requirements.

All BOSS™ applications give a real-time insight into the condition of a monitored system by using the vessel’s sensors. The applications allow to log data and to link and communicate with external devices (cloud connection).

The touchscreen display of BOSS™ can be situated in e.g. the steering gear room or the wheelhouse. Access to the platform and its data is possible with a smartphone or tablet at a remote location when using the Wi-Fi system of the vessel. This means that the vessel operator, shipyard or DMC service engineer can check the condition of the monitored system(s) at any time, which is useful to e.g. predict maintenance and to prevent downtime of the vessel and its components.

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