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Digitalisation is a substantially growing trend in the maritime industry, therefore efficient and safe solutions for your vessel are of utmost importance. Damen Marine Components (DMC) has a dedicated department for the sole purpose of delivering reliable components and integrated systems for a safe and undisturbed journey. DMC Dynamics is the electronical division of DMC. Its main activities are the design, development and production of control and monitoring systems for vessels engaged in all types of maritime activity. Both hardware and software are developed in-house to guarantee dependable systems of high quality.

From control and monitoring systems to rudder angle indicators and emergency systems, DMC Dynamics has a wide range of solutions to match any vessel requirement. Every system or application gives you the possibility to log data and to link and communicate with external devices (cloud connection). In addition, service and control of these systems are feasible from a remote location. All applications allow a real-time insight into the condition of the vessel’s equipment, which ultimately minimises downtime and maximises vessel performance. All solutions of DMC Dynamics are in compliance with any classification society.

Ultimate control and monitoring by Damen Marine Components.

Product Groups

  • HP 7000 Steering Installation is the world's safest proportional hydraulic installation.

    Control Systems

  • BOSS™ Monitoring Systems


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