timon flap rudders (1)

What a stunning shot of our TIMON flap rudder!

07 April 2022

Here we have a beautiful shot of our TIMON rudder, a flap type rudder with an open linkage mechanism and side bar system. With a steering and flap angle of both 45°, it allows for a 90°(!) angle, which greatly enhances the vessel’s manoeuvrability. The rudder was installed in a fishing vessel (58 x 13) and will be able to hold approximately 600 m3 of fish.

Flap rudders are ideal for vessels that need higher manoeuvrability than usual at both high and low speeds. The additional side force the flap rudder delivers offers the opportunity to reduce the overall rudder area, while at the same time maintaining manoeuvrability. These types of rudders can be found on a wide range of ship types and sizes, from fishing boats and research vessels up to and including large container and other offshore vessels.