heavy-duty hydraulic power units (1)

Those are some heavy-duty hydraulic power units

24 February 2022

Say hello to one of the heaviest hydraulic power units DMC has ever produced. These systems were built for a vessel series consisting of four identical Logistic Support Ships for a Navy located in Europe.

All units were thoroughly tested on sound and vibration levels before delivery. These tests occur with 90% of our Naval client base. Reduced sound levels allow for prevention of hearing damage of the crew and reduced vibration levels result in less wear and tear on the equipment. No matter the situation, it is of utmost importance that these ships are operational at all times.

The photos show the batch for the first ship, which will be delivered together with two Rotary Vane steering gear systems, rudders, and controls. All custom designed and built according to specific customer requirements, such as shock, torque, vibration and sound levels.