this is what a 64000 kg rudder looks like (1)

This is what a 64.000 kg rudder looks like

19 August 2021

We have an extensive portfolio of rudder systems for every ship type and market, may it be inland, coastal, navy, yachting, seagoing, you name it! We aim to provide our customers with the optimal manoeuvring solution tuned to the vessel’s steering behaviour. Designed to improve vessel performance and built to last.

For seagoing vessels, our standard portfolio consists of various rudder types to choose from: full-spade, flap, fishtail and asymmetric. To be able to offer our customers with a rudder system that completely matches their wishes and requirements (e.g. ICE class), there is always the custom-built option.

The photo shows two Van der Velden® TIMON flap rudders installed under a Ro-Pax passenger vessel (212 x 30 m). These rudders each have a size of 20,7 m2 and weigh around 64.000 kg. That is a lot of steel!