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Sustainability Week DMC

04 November 2021

This week is Sustainability Week at Damen and therefore also at Damen Marine Components. During this week, we pay extra attention to what sustainability actually means, why we are working on it and what you can do yourself to be more sustainable. But, it is also important to let everyone know what is being done within the Damen Shipyards Group and Damen Marine Components to become more sustainable in the future.

Sustainability is the balance between social inclusion, economic growth and protecting the environment. For example, social inclusion includes access to healthcare and education for everyone and combating poverty or hunger. Economic growth means, among other things, that there are enough jobs and that working conditions are good. Economic growth also includes good infrastructure and room for innovations. Protecting the environment means protecting ecosystems, reducing emissions and increasing circularity.

We pay more attention to sustainability for several reasons. First of all, because of the law. As a result of the EU Green Deal, which aims to emit 55% less CO2 in Europe by 2030 and to be climate neutral by 2050, politicians are imposing more and more rules that should encourage companies to work more sustainably. Secondly, we are more concerned with sustainability due to the demand from customers and suppliers. Partly due to new laws, customers and suppliers are also increasingly encouraged to work more sustainably, and as a result the demand for sustainability is increasing. Thirdly, as Damen is a family business, we are focused on continuity. We are not only thinking about today, but also about the next generations.

Damen therefore wants to be a forerunner in the field of sustainability and make their employees aware and committed to sustainability. Sustainability Week is meant for this last point: making people aware of how to be more sustainable.

Within DMC we are also increasingly trying to get sustainability on the agenda. In the meantime, several initiatives have already been set up to help achieve the objectives of the Damen Shipyards Group. For example, it is being examined whether older offices and production halls can be made more sustainable, for example by insulating them. For example, in the production halls in Gdańsk, Poland, all old lighting has already been replaced by LED lighting, which results in significant savings in electricity and electricity costs. It is also being examined whether it is possible to travel 25% less in 2022, compared to 2019. Because of the corona crisis, we have learned that we can work with less traveling and that more things can be done online than we thought. In addition, every department tries to ask the question: what can be done more sustainably?

In addition, DMC has been selling products and solutions that save fuel for decades, such as ART rudders, ESD ducts and nozzles etc. Within DMC, we always try to apply the latest technologies in our designs, further digitize and make our products more efficient, allowing products to be designed more sustainably or to be used more sustainably. Indirectly, this can have many consequences for the fuel consumption of ships over the years. Finally, we will also look at our supply chain. For DMC it is important to work with suppliers who also have sustainability high on the agenda.

In short, both the Damen Shipyards Group and Damen Marine Components are working hard behind the scenes to become more sustainable in the future!

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