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rsv nuyina equipped with our heaviest rudder system (1)

RSV Nuyina, the world’s first-ever Polar Class 3 Icebreaker Plus vessel equipped with our heaviest rudder system

28 August 2021

Research and Supply Vessel (RSV) Nuyina (160 x 26 m) is an icebreaking vessel, built to support Australian scientific activities and research in Antarctica. We delivered the complete steering system for this ship including full-spade rudders, steering gear (in collaboration with Macgregor), and controls. All engineered and manufactured according the exceptionally high standards of icebreaker classification and Polar Class 3 notation.

To cope with the Antarctic ice conditions, most of the components had to be designed to cope with theoretical speeds in excess of 31 knots, while the maximum design speed of the vessel is actually around 16 knots. Adding to the steel thickness to absorb ice impact, a -40 degrees Celsius steel grade was needed. The two 18 m2 rudders each weigh 70.000 kg including rudder stocks with a diameter of over a 1000 mm, which are by far the heaviest per m2 that we have ever built!

Yesterday the official transfer of RSV Nuyina took place in Vlissingen, another successful milestone. The vessel will soon start its eight-week journey to its new home port. Safe journeys to the vessel and its crew.