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Our heaviest Rotary Vanes built so far

3 November 2021

Nearly 13.000 kg worth of steering gear; our heaviest Rotary Vanes built so far.

These two Rotary Vanes were built for a special vessel series; four identical Logistic Support Ships, ordered by a Naval customer of ours. The photo shows the batch for the first ship, which were built and coated in our production facility in the Netherlands. The Rotary Vanes each have a torque of 1100 kNm, maximum steering angles of 2x 45 degrees and weigh around 6200 kg. At DMC, we build standardised Rotary Vanes from 40 up to 1600 kNm, with a custom-built option. In this case, the standard design was adjusted to meet the specific torque requirement of 1100 kNm.