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Ever heard of a plug-and-play steering gear system?

3 December 2021

We often build and transport unconfigured steering gear systems. This means the parts, such as the cylinders, starter cabinets, hydraulic power unit, and the foundation are not yet installed and connected with each other, this is carried out once the parts have arrived at their destination, or rather, the steering gear room. The reason for this is simply because of the available (entry) space, which differs per vessel.

Yet every once in a while, a customer requests that we build the steering gear system all together, a 'plug-and-play system' as we call it. The advantages of a plug-and-play system are that it can be FAT tested beforehand and it allows for a very fast installation process. This type of system is specifically suitable for ships with a larger steering space, such as feeders, coasters, and dry cargo vessels.