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Advantages of a nozzle

31 August 2021

We’ve been producing nozzles for more than 40 years now. But what exactly is a nozzle and what are its advantages?

A propeller nozzle is a round constructed foil-shaped ring, which is enclosing the propeller. It assists the propeller in moving as much water as possible, especially when a high trust is needed at low speeds.

Let’s take one step back: a ship propeller rotates in the water with its blades, this generates high- and low-pressure areas to supply the force to drive a ship. However, losses occur at the tip of the propeller blades as water escapes from these high- and low-pressure areas. That’s where a nozzle comes in: it reduces these losses by restricting water flow to the propeller tips, which results in an increase in efficiency; a reduction in fuel consumption and, thereby, CO2 emissions.

Ships with heavily loaded propellers such as inland and fishing vessels, tugs, coasters, and dredgers will profit greatly from installing a nozzle. It will lead to an improved thrust performance, which is needed with their demanding operating conditions.