About DMC

About DMC

12 February 2019

Damen Marine Components (DMC) specializes in the design and production of propulsion and manoeuvring systems. Our primary products are nozzles, winches, controls and rudders and steering systems, with the last two categories sold under the Van der Velden trademark. In addition, we offer services such as maintenance and refits, jobbing and steel constructions.

DMC’s goal is to achieve maximum efficiency and manoeuvrability, we want to give that to our customers by offering innovative products like the Van der Velden® FLEX tunnel, a retractable tunnel for inland vessels, and the Retrofit Rudder Bulb, for oceangoing vessels. Both innovations make fuel savings and reduced emissions possible.

Our commitment to R&D and continuous improvement in both design and production processes ensures that all our output combines proven systems with the latest technological advances. We work with our clients to provide customised and semi-customised solutions to meet specific requirements.

In addition to a global sales network ready to work with customers to help them find the optimal solutions for their vessels, we also offer a 24/7 worldwide support network to ensure that our products deliver maximum performance and minimal downtime.