Short Sea

Short Sea

Seagoing transport along coastal lines, be it containers, bulk or people, can be an intricate affair, as circumstances can differ widely from one route to another. Calm seas or steep rocky waters with strong undercurrents, shallow continental flats or swell-ridden regions - in all those circumstances you want to rely on high-quality and efficient steering equipment, manoeuvring your way in and out of sheltered, half-open or exposed ports, construction sites, berths and landing jetties.

In all types of weather, your coaster, ferry, bulker or RoPax must deliver its precious cargo safe and sound to its destination.

Our products and services do just that. We have a dedicated design philosophy for this specific operational profile, with an eye for excellent manoeuvrability and offer a wide range of both equipment (e.g. flap rudders, nozzles, spoilers, winches) and customized, integrated solutions.

Working closely together with owner and yard, we design, engineer, manufacture and install complete manoeuvring systems. Of course, communication is important during any project. Therefore, a dedicated project coordinator is there to answer any question, including about service and maintenance options.

So, whether you want one piece of equipment right now or need an integrated solution for the long term, we’ve got you covered front to back.

Product groups

  • MASTER Rudder

    Rudder Systems

  • Commander Rotary Vane

    Steering Systems

  • Van der Velden BOSS™eco system

    Control Systems

  • Bulb

    Energy saving systems

  • dmc hydraulics - preview



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