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To guarantee safe and uninterrupted passage for oceangoing vessels crossing the ocean coast to coast and port to port, shipowners need many things. A reliable vessel, being at the top of the list, is key to be able to plot a course and push through until it reaches its destination, independent of weather and waves.

That’s where high-quality steering systems, reliable manoeuvring systems and propulsion efficiency come in, including fuel saving solutions.

Damen Marine Components specializes in the engineering, construction and installation of manoeuvring systems for the highly specific operational profile of oceangoing vessels.

With well-known product brand names DMC, Van der Velden, Barke, Optima etc., we design and deliver innovative, patented rudder- steering- and control systems, so your ship can cross the ocean ‘steady as she goes’.

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Product groups

  • BARKE Rudder

    Rudder Systems

  • Commander Rotary Vane

    Steering Systems

  • Van der Velden BOSS™eco system

    Control Systems

  • Bulb

    Energy saving systems

  • dmc hydraulics - preview



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