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Tugs are an essential feature of maritime operations. They are of vital importance in port, berthing and unberthing large ships, and on rivers and inland waterways where they push barge trains. At sea, oceangoing salvage tugs provide assistance to ships in distress and towage to offshore structures. For this versatile scope of work, it is crucial to have reliable deck equipment such as winches and towing pins. Damen Marine Components supplies a range of equipment to get the job done safely and to a high standard.

DMC’s offering for the harbour and terminal sector includes the following:

  • An extensive range of rudders to offer manoeuvrability during challenging situations
  • Multiple winch types to meet varying bollard pull requirements
  • A portfolio of nozzles for increased forward and reverse thrust performance and positive effect on bollard pull. Nozzle usage additionally offers nozzle cooling, which is well suited to tugs with high bollard pull with a high water flow rate coming from the propeller, offering excellent heat transfer – necessary for vessels with large engines such as tugs.

Product Groups

  • Optima Nozzle


  • Van der Velden HD Rudder

    Rudder Systems

  • 4DWKK

    Steering Systems

  • Van der Velden BOSS™eco system

    Control Systems

  • Energy Saving Systems

    Energy saving systems

  • Escort Towing Winch

    Deck Equipment

  • dmc hydraulics - preview



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