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Dredging vessels are crucial for improving existing water features. Their main purposes are to create greater water depth and to recover valuable material. For this industry, Damen Marine Components offers a range of rudder and steering systems suited to the low velocity, dirty work that dredgers do. To facilitate outstanding manoeuvrability, DMC offers rudders with fishtail profiling and flap rudders with an enclosed headbox to prevent dirt from entering the system.

DMC has various dedicated systems to improve the steering performance of dredgers:

  • Heavy-duty steering systems
  • MASTER fishtail and BARKE® flap rudders
  • Energy saving devices, such as the FLEX Tunnel system and BOSS™ ECO

Product Groups

  • Optima Nozzle


  • BARKE Rudder

    Rudder Systems

  • Steering Systems

  • Van der Velden BOSS™eco system

    Control Systems

  • Energy Saving Systems

    Energy saving systems

  • Escort Towing Winch

    Deck Equipment

  • dmc hydraulics - preview



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