The test-trial of new-build tanker "Tessa" on 28-11-2018

The test-trial of the new-built tanker 'Tessa'

04 December 2018

The test-trial of new-build tanker Tessa on 28-11-2018, from Dirigo B.V. outfitted at De Gerlien van Tiem B.V., has been very successful. For the Tessa the owner has chosen the system with the best yield: the Van der Velden® 3-ruddersystem. Compared to the 1970 design, this composition concerns a weighted version, suitable for larger capacity and a larger propeller than ships in the seventies. The fuel consumption of the Tessa was measured during the test-trial at different speeds and then compared with the sister ship the Mart. The Mart has already been in service several years and is equipped with the Van der Velden® HD 2-roeren-systeem. Identical ship design, only the engine power of the Mart is 300hp more than the Tessa.

The preliminary results confirm the results of DST Duisburg's research: considerable fuel savings with the 3-rudder system compared to the same ship with a 2-ruddersystem. Currently it is still too early to quantify the fuel savings with an amount or percentage.

We wish the Tessa and her crew prosperous and safe journeys.