LPG tanker "Brisote"

The first Special Survey of LPG tanker “Brisote”

20 February 2019

Last week the 2700m3 LPG tanker “Brisote” of Chemgas Shipping went through her first Special Survey at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam.

Originating from 2014 the vessel is equipped with a Van der Velden® BARKE rudder and steering gear. During this survey period our DMC technicians conducted a triennial (preventive) maintenance inspection. This inspection is scheduled once every three years, according strict procedures to secure optimal safety. Carrying out these inspections on regular basis will lead to a higher safety and reliability of your manoeuvring systems. Better (and often cheaper) to prevent than to cure is our motto.

Our service department can advise on the best (preventive) maintenance for your steering equipment, contact them at +31(0)180-511 577.