Gas Tanker "Aurora"

Outfitting of gas tanker "Aurora" from Chemgas Shipping

25 October 2018

In July 2018, the first gas tanker “Alize” from Chemgas Shipping had its naming ceremony and not too long ago, it was the turn for the second identical gas tanker “Aurora”, outfitted at TeamCo Shipyard. The naming ceremony was a great success. Both ships are now sailing with the Van der Velden® FLEX tunnel.

The FLEX tunnel is a retractable tunnel, the captain can choose to retract the tunnel when needed (e.g. low water levels). The flexibility of the tunnel gives a significant reduction in resistance as the ship is not constantly sailing with a tunnel. An additional advantage of this is the proven fuel savings.

The FLEX tunnel is used for an unloaded ship or with low water levels, to ensure sufficient water is brought to the propeller. In contrast to a fixed tunnel, the FLEX tunnel creates the possibility to apply a larger screw diameter. The tunnel has an airtight seal, this creates underpressure in the tunnel, resulting in sufficient water flow so that the effective operation of the screw is guaranteed.

Damen Marine Components (formerly Van der Velden Marine Systems) has developed the FLEX tunnel concept together with research institute DST Duisburg. The concept has been tested at different water levels and with different speeds. Extensive research was also carried out into the reduction in resistance when the tunnel is retracted. With the result that the FLEX tunnel provides for more efficient and "greener" sailing.

We congratulate Chemgas Barging Sarl with this second innovative ship and wish them a safe journey. We also look forward to the christening of the third identical vessel "Autan".