Damen Marine Components Optima nozzle

Nozzles for MTS Vorstenbosch

19 May 2011

Damen Marine Components has delivered the three OPTIMA nozzles (diameter 1,816 mm) for MTS Vorstenbosch. VT Minerals ordered Rensen Shipbuilding to built this world's largest and most advanced bunker tanker.

The Vorstenbosch has the following dimensions: 147 x 22,80 x 6,36 meters. Until now, worlds biggest record was 135 meters. Cargo load capacity 13889QM/13317MT.

The ship will be used to refuel seagoing vessels in the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp and has been christened on Tuesday 17 May 2011 in Rotterdam.

DMC wishes the crew a safe journey.