Fishery package

Introducing our latest innovation: Fishery Package

28 August 2018

Fishery Package is a plug & play solution, which is an optimized combination of our products (see pictures below). It includes a nozzle, rudder, heel support, headbox and optional steering gear. There will be a standardized version for vessels up to 40 meters and a customized version for bigger vessels (all rudder types applicable). For bigger vessels (> 40 meters) the same features are available but the rudder could be a flap-type, depending on manoeuvring requirements (customized design). The package can also be assembled during vessel refits.

The most important improvements because of our Fishery Package: the sailing condition, trawling condition, fuel saving operation and noise reduction.

The package consists of the following:
- Inhouse rudder profile design
- Rudder bulb
- Thrust fins (post-swirl)
- Optimized headbox
- DMC Optima Nozzle
- Stator fins (pre-swirl)
- Flange connection.