Delivery of the 400th propeller nozzle to Rensen Shipbuilding BV

12 January 2009

December 2008. The 400th Van de Giessen Optima propeller nozzle is ordered by Rensen Shipbuilding at Damen Marine Components and this calls for a celebration. Rensen Shipbuilding initiated to celebrate this not internal but to make a donation from both companies. The ladies working at the Rensen office have chosen the “Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Rotterdam” (Sophia Hospital for Children in Rotterdam) immediately after the decision for a donation.

On the 18th of December, Mr. Steef Staal of Damen Marine Components handed over; through Mr. Wim Driessen, managing Director of Rensen Shipbuilding, a cheque with a value of € 10,000.00 to Mrs. Manon Gommers representing the institution “Vrienden of Sophia” (Friends of Sophia).

The amount will be used for scientific examination to the cause, treatment, accompany and consequences of serious diseases. Scientific examination is essential to give the patients a better chance for a healthy future.

According to Mr. Steef Staal; Managing Director of Damen Marine Components this initiative from Rensen is experienced very positively and the “Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Rotterdam” (Sophia Hospital for Children) is a very good choice. He hopes to continue the co-operation for a long time so another cheque can be presented within a few years when the next milestone will be reached. Mr. Driessen from Rensen is also confident the next cheque can be handed over in short time.

Ever since the eighties of the last century there has been a close corporation between Rensen Shipbuilding and Damen Marine Components (Van de Giessen Nozzles at that time). The first propeller nozzle was delivered in the Netherlands. Mr. George Rensen and Mr. Leen Hoegee, former Managing Director of Van de Giessen, undersigned this first agreement. After this first propeller nozzle, many followed, from Damen Marine Components production locations in Poland, later on Romania and even from DMC-Suzhou in China; the production location co-established thanks to orders from Rensen. The propeller nozzles were (and are) delivered to shipyards worldwide.