'Somtrans XXL'

A special project: Somtrans XXL

01 November 2018

By order of RensenDriessen Shipbuilding, the Somtrans XXL is currently being outfitted at TeamCo Shipyard for shipping company Somtrans. The hull with hull number 921 was built at shipyard Servernav, Romania. Recently, the Van der Velden® HD rudders have been installed.

Two years ago, the design for the Somtrans XXL was developed by Rommerts Ship Design B.V.. The ship has a size of 135 x 22,80 meters, a deadweight of 13.000 tonnage and is equipped with two independent drives with four Van der Velden® hydrodynamic profile rudders, type HD 240.

For extra propulsion of this large ship, the Van der Velden® FLEX tunnel was also included in the design. The flexible tunnel ensures that sufficient water is brought to the screw, which gives the possibility of applying a larger propeller diameter (2.000 mm). The FLEX tunnel gives a significant resistance reduction in comparison to a fixed tunnel because this tunnel is retractable. The proven advantage of this is fuel saving.